environmental concerns with regard to CBM development, including potential effects to water quality and quantity, soil, and biota receiving CBM discharges as the tribe weighs the advantages and disadvantages of potential CBM development on their lands.4

The Northern Cheyenne Tribe has also expressed considerable concern about potential impacts of CBM development and produced water management on water resources of the Tongue River drainage in the Powder River Basin, including CBM development and produced water disposal that occurs outside the boundaries of their lands (e.g. Wo et al., 2004).5 In 2006, the tribe received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to administer Clean Water Act programs and began developing its own surface water quality standards, applicable to the Tongue River and its tributaries within the boundaries of the reservation. Information indicates that in many cases the proposed standards are more stringent than the Montana state standards. The tribe developed these standards in part as a response to industry development of CBM wells on the Wyoming side of the Powder River Basin.6 These standards are presently being reviewed by EPA and the Northern Cheyenne recently received approval from EPA to recirculate their standards for public comment. The Northern Cheyenne have also sided with State of Montana on litigation over Wyoming infringement on Montana water rights and violations of terms of Yellowstone Compact (SCOTUS, 2010).


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