information from NASA program managers and other experts on aspects relevant to the study charge. At the March meeting the committee began to discuss approaches for responding to the study charge.

At its final meeting on May 20-23 at the National Academies’ Keck Center in Washington, D.C., the committee discussed initial findings and recommendations and began work on the study report. The draft report was submitted for external NRC review in September and approved for release in November. A prepublication version of the report, An Enabling Foundation for NASA’s Earth and Space Science Missions, was delivered to NASA and congressional offices on November 30 and was released to the public on December 4. Final printed editions of the report were disseminated in February 2010. The report’s Summary is reprinted in Chapter 5.


Lennard A. Fisk, University of Michigan (chair)

Bruce H. Margon, University of California, Santa Cruz (vice chair)

Mark R. Abbott, Oregon State University

Steven J. Battel, Battel Engineering

Yvonne C. Brill, Independent Consultant

Donald E. Brownlee, University of Washington

Richard Chapas, Battelle Eastern Science and Technology Center

Martin H. Israel, Washington University

Conilee G. Kirkpatrick, HRL Laboratories, LLC

Jennifer A. Logan, Harvard University

Robyn Millan, Dartmouth College

Richard R. Paul, Boeing Phantom Works (retired)

Guenter Riegler, NASA Ames Research Center (retired)

Mark V. Sykes, Planetary Science Institute

Joseph K. Alexander, Senior Program Officer, SSB (study director)

Victoria Swisher, Research Associate, SSB (through August)

Linda M. Walker, Senior Project Assistant, SSB

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