Planning Committee Membership*

Charles F. Kennel, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego (chair)

A. Thomas Young, Lockheed Martin Corporation (retired) (vice chair)

Daniel N. Baker, University of Colorado

David Goldston, Princeton University

Joan Johnson-Freese, Naval War College

Richard H. Kohrs, Independent Consultant

Molly K. Macauley, Resources for the Future

Berrien Moore III, University of New Hampshire

Joan Vernikos, Thirdage LLC

Warren M. Washington, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Ian W. Pryke, Senior Program Officer, Space Studies Board

Joseph K. Alexander, Senior Program Officer, Space Studies Board

Carmela J. Chamberlain, Program Associate, Space Studies Board


Under the auspices of the Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC), the Board on Mathematical Sciences and their Applications (BMSA), and the SSB, an ad hoc committee was formed to plan and conduct the Workshop on Uncertainty Management in Remote Sensing of Climate Data that took place at the Doubletree Hotel in Washington, D.C., on December 4, 2008.

Convened jointly by the Climate Research Committee, the Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics, and the Committee on Earth Studies, the workshop explored uncertainty management in remote sensing of climate information. Through invited presentations and discussion, participants examined sources of uncertainty throughout satellite and other remote data collection systems, including issues of sampling, scale, processing, and validation; described the statistical methods currently used to quantify these sources of uncertainty for climate-relevant data; and explored how modern statistical methods might be used to provide a more powerful framework for characterizing and propagating these uncertainties.

A summary report of the proceedings, Uncertainty Management in Remote Sensing of Climate Data: Summary of a Workshop, was released in 2009; the summary of the report is reprinted in Chapter 5.

Planning Committee Membership

Amy Braverman, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (chair)

Philip E. Ardanuy, Raytheon Information Solutions

John J. Bates, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

James A. Coakley, Jr., Oregon State University

Karen Kafadar, Indiana University

Douglas Nychka, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Joyce E. Penner, University of Michigan

Steven E. Platnick, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Martha C. McConnell, Associate Program Officer, BASC (study director)

Arthur A. Charo, Senior Program Officer, SSB

Scott T. Weidman, Director, BMSA

Katie Weller, Research Associate, BASC

Shelly Freeland, Program Assistant, BASC


All terms expired in 2009.

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