TABLE G.1 Incremental CI-Diesel Engine Cost Estimations to Replace SI MPFI OHV Two-Valve 5.3- to 6.2-L V8 Engine in a Full-Size Body-on-Frame Pickup (e.g., Silverado and Ram) or SUV with a 3.5-L V6 DOHC CI

50-State Saleable ULEV II 3.5-L V6 DOHC CI-Diesel Engine, Baseline: SI Gasoline OHV 4-V 5.3- to 6.2-L V8

Estimated Cost Versus Baseline ($)

Common-rail 1,800 bar piezo-actuated fuel system with six injectors (@$75), high-pressure pump ($270), fuel rail, regulator and fuel storage upgrades plus high-energy driver upgrades to the engine control module. Credit for MPFI content deleted ($48).


Series sequential turbocharging: One VGT with electronic controls and one fixed-geometry turbocharger with active and passive bypass valves necessary to match high EGR rates at low load conditions ($750). Water-air charge air cooler, circulation pump, thermostat/valve, and plumbing. Engine downsizing credit from V8 ($200).a


Upgrades to electrical system: starter motor, alternator, battery, and 1.5-kW supplemental electrical cabin heater as is standard in Europe ($99).


Cam, crank, connecting rod, bearing, and piston upgrades, oil lines ($62) plus NVH countermeasures to engine ($47) and vehicle ($85).


High- and low-pressure EGR system to suppress NOx at light and heavy loads. Includes hot-side and cold-side electronic rotary diesel EGR valves plus EGR cooler and all plumbing.


Add remaining components required for advanced-level technology (details in Table G.3).


Emissions control system including the following functionality: DOC, CDPF, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), urea dosing system ($363). Stoichiometric MPFI emissions and evaporative systems credit ($343).


On-board diagnostics (OBD) and sensing, including four temperature sensors (@$13), wide-range air/fuel ratio sensor ($30), NOx sensor ($85), two-pressure sensing glow plugs (@$17), six glow plugs (@$3), and Delta-P sensor for DPF ($25). Credit for four switching O2 sensors (@$9).


Total variable cost with credits for SI parts removed excludes any necessary transmission, chassis, or driveline upgrades.


NOTE: Aftertreatment system cost estimates reflect April 2009 PGM prices. Estimates derived from Martec (2008). CDPF, catalyzed diesel particulate filter; CI, compression ignition; DOC, diesel oxidation catalyst; DOHC, dual over head cam; DPF, diesel particulate filter; DPF, diesel particulate filter; EGR, exhaust gas recirculation; MPFI, multipoint fuel injection; NVH, noise, vibration, harshness; OBD, on-board diagnostics; OHV, over head valve; PGM, platinum group metals; SCR, selective catalytic reduction; SI, spark ignition; ULEV II, ultra-low-emissions vehicle; VGT, variable geometry turbocharger.

a Credit for downsizing from V8 to V6 referred to DOHC 4-V V8 downsized to DOHC 4V V6. In this case, credit used by Martec was reduced from $270 to $200 since the parts removed from an OHV 2-V V8 would cost less than those removed from a DOHC 4-V V8.

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