climbing, and towing. This attribute of CI diesel engines is an advantage when compared with other technology options that are advantageous for only part of the vehicle operating range (e.g., hybrid power trains reduce fuel consumption primarily in city cycle/city driving).

Finding 5.4: The identified advanced-level technology improvements to CI diesel engines are expected to reach market in the 2011-2014 time frame, when advanced technology additions to SI gasoline engines will also enter the market. Thus, there will continue to be a fuel consumption and cost competition between these two power train systems. For the period 2014-2020, further potential fuel consumption reductions for CI diesel engines may be offset by fuel consumption increases due to engine and emissions system changes required to meet stricter emissions standards (e.g., LEV III).

Finding 5.5: CI diesel engine market penetration will be strongly influenced both by the incremental cost of CI diesel power trains above the cost of SI gasoline power trains and by the price differential of diesel fuel relative to gasoline. The estimated incremental cost differential for base-level and advanced-level I4 CI diesel engines to replace 2007 model-year midsize sedan SI gasoline engines ranges from $2,400 (base level) to $2,900 (advanced level). For base-level I4 engines combined with DCTs, power train replacement cost is estimated at $2,550 to $2,800 and for advanced-level I4 power trains is estimated at $3,050 to $3,300 (both rounded to the nearest $50). For midsize 2007 model-year SUVs, the estimated cost for replacement of SI gasoline engines with base-level and advanced-level V6 CI diesel engines ranges from $3,150 (base level) to $4,050 (advanced level) (both rounded to the nearest $50). For V6 CI engines combined with DCTs, the estimated V6 CI power train replacement cost increment over 2007 model-year SI power trains is $3,300 to $3,550 (base level), and the advanced-level power train incremental cost is $4,200 to $4,500 (both rounded to nearest $50). These costs do not include the retail price equivalent factor.


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