Occupational Noise Exposure, Hearing Protection Devices, Impact On: Productivity, Communications, Safety, Quality of Life

Lee Hagar, Sonomax Hearing Healthcare, Inc.

Metrics for a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Noise Reduction (Brainstorming a Methodology of This Type of Analysis)

Katherine Harback, MITRE Corporation

Potentially Hazardous Noise for Users of Consumer Products—Personal Music Devices, Children’s Toys, Recreational Vehicles

William Martin, Oregon Health Sciences University

The Nature and Extent of Complaints about Noise (Suburban, Urban, Rural) and Public Demand for Quiet Environments and Products

Les Blomberg, Noise Pollution Clearing house

Technical Issues with Respect to Metrics/Descriptors for Community Noise (Annoyance, Activity Interference, Noticeability)

Nicholas Miller, Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc.

Noise Insulation (from Aircraft and Highway, etc.) in Homes to Control Noise Exposure and Improve Quality of Life

Ben Sharp, Wyle Acoustics Group

Noise Control Engineering Education and Workforce Development

David Wormley, Pennsylvania State University

Annoyance from Noise as a Quality-of-Life Issue, and Its Relationship to Other Sources of Annoyance

Larry Finegold, Finegold & So, Consultants

Future Directions in the Design of Noise Barriers, Quiet Vehicles, and Quiet Pavements

Gregg Fleming, John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Noise Standards and Design Issues for Rooms (Schools, Hospitals, Offices, etc.)

Richard Peppin, Scantek, Inc.

Technology for the Design of Products with Lower Noise and Better Sound Quality

Gordon Ebbitt, Carcoustics

Richard Topping, TIAXLLC


Organized by the National Academy of Engineering and Hosted by the Volpe Center

Cambridge, Massachusetts

February 22–23, 2007

Opening Remarks

Ian Waitz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Subcommittee Chair

Gregg Fleming, Volpe Center, Workshop Host

An Environmental Economist’s Perspective on Cost-Benefits Analysis

Sabrina Lovell, formerly with the Environmental Protection Agency

The O’Hare Residential Sound Insulation Program and Acceptance in Communities, and Sound Insulation Ordinance

Arlene Mulder, Mayor, Village of Arlington Heights, Illinois

The Federal Highway Administration’s Noise Program and Rules for Noise Barrier Construction

Mark Ferroni, Federal Highway Administration

Federal Highway Administration and State Activities in the Design of Quiet Pavements: Construction, Maintenance, and Life Cycle Issues

Mark Swanlund, Federal Highway Administration

Reductions in Noise Emissions from Porous Highways: Current State of the Technology in the USA and Europe

Paul Donavan, Illingsworth Rodkin

Discussion of European Activities Related to Cost-Benefit Analysis and Highway Noise

George Maling, Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the U.S.A.

Ulf Sandberg, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Transportation Noise

Jon Nelson, The Pennsylvania State University

Discussion of Construction Process, Costs, Maintenance, Performance Characteristics, and Noise Levels of Rubber-Modified Asphalt Highways

Michael Blumenthal, Rubber Manufacturers Association

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