to accommodate Be in place of Al and S2 in the cage structure along with Fe, Mn, and Zn, e.g., helvite (Mn4[Be3Si3O12]S), danalite (Fe4[Be3Si3O12]S), and genthelvite (Zn4[Be3Si3O12]S). These cage-structured sodalites were minor phases in HLW supercalcine waste forms and were found to retain Cs, Sr, and Mo into the cage-like structure, e.g., Mo as Na6[Al6Si6O24](NaMoO4)2. In addition, sodalite structures are known to retain B, Ge, I, and Br in the cage-like structures. Indeed, waste stabilization at Idaho National Laboratory currently uses a glass-bonded sodalite ceramic waste form (CWF) for disposal of electrorefiner wastes for sodium-bonded metallic spent nuclear fuel from the EBR II fast breeder reactor.

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