Current Structure of the Partnership

The administrative structure of the Partnership includes the Executive Steering Group, which oversees the Joint Operations Group, Fuels Operations Group, FreedomCAR Operations Group, and the newly added Utility Operations Group. The DOE managers and respective energy company, automotive companies (OEMs), and utility directors of these groups oversee technical teams that are responsible for developing R&D plans and roadmaps, reviewing research results, and evaluating technical progress toward meeting research goals. Realizing that there will be a portfolio of energy carriers (fuels) and mobility technologies necessary to move forward, and to address the technical challenges associated with the different fuel/vehicle technology pathways, the Partnership has established a technical roadmap with specific, quantitative 2010 and 2015 technology and cost goals in eight areas:

  • Internal combustion engines (both petroleum and hydrogen fueled),

  • Fuel cell power systems,

  • Fuel cells,

  • Hydrogen storage systems,

  • Energy storage systems for hybrid vehicles,

  • Hydrogen production and delivery systems,

  • Electric propulsion systems, and

  • Materials for lightweight vehicles.

It is within this structure that the Partnership sets priorities, determines technical targets and milestones, and performs the research attempting to achieve those targets. Regular reviews, both internal and external, are conducted to receive feedback and critiques of individual and group projects.

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