Recommendation [4-10]. DOE should undertake a systems study to assess the relative importance of barriers to biomass production, availability, transportation, and conversion to hydrogen; to identify the areas that are most important to commercial viability; and to give them priority. This study should address technical barriers already identified, including impact on the environment, and help define policies for land and water use and government-sponsored commercial incentives that would stimulate commercial expansion of the biomass options.

Recommendation [4-11]. DOE should involve the energy partners in all biomass programs related to conversion to hydrogen or hydrogen carriers as quickly as possible.

Recommendation [4-12]. Given the large number of potential ways of using biomass to supply hydrogen, DOE should identify the most promising approaches so it can focus on options that could have the greatest impact on hydrogen supply.

Recommendation [4-13]. DOE should put more emphasis on the space requirements for forecourt hydrogen generation by studying ways to minimize these requirements.

Hydrogen Delivery, Dispensing, and Transition Supply

Recommendation [4-14]. DOE should increase funding for the delivery and dispensing program to meet the market transition and sustained market penetration time frames. If DOE concludes that a funding increase is not feasible, the program should be focused on the pipeline, liquefaction, and compression programs, where a successful if only incremental short-term impact could be significant for the market transition period.

Recommendation [4-15]. DOE should, with the guidance of an independent outside committee, evaluate the achievability of the program’s 2012 delivery and dispensing cost goal, $1.00/kg H2, particularly with 700 bar (10,000 psi) gas dispensing.

Recommendation [4-16]. DOE should consider supporting advanced systems engineering, integration, and demonstrations for home-based refueling systems, which should bring substantial learning value for such systems. This program should include careful consideration of operation and maintenance procedures that home owners are willing and able to perform.

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