cardiovascular. The majority (about 60 percent) have been for congenital heart disease. The next three largest categories, at 6 to 7 percent each, have been for arrhythmias, aortic valve disorders, and valvular heart disease or other stenotic defects.7

The annual number of cardiovascular allowances to SSI children has been about 3,400 (3,600 in 2009). The annual allowance rate has been about 47 percent for the past decade. In recent years, approximately three-quarters of the allowances have been based on meeting or medically equaling the congenital heart disease listings (4.06 and 104.06), 6 percent were for meeting or medically equaling other cardiovascular listings, and 19 to 20 percent were for functionally equaling the listings.


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The numbers and percentages in this section on initial claims by child for cardiovascular impairments are based on IOM staff analyses of unpublished data provided by SSA.

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