1. Herpes simplex virus causing:

    1. Mucocutaneous infection (for example, oral, genital, perianal) lasting for 1 month or longer; or

    2. Infection at a site other than the skin or mucous membranes (for example, bronchitis, pneumonitis, esophagitis, or encephalitis); or

    3. Disseminated infection; or

  1. Herpes zoster:

    1. Disseminated; or

    2. With multidermatomal eruptions that are resistant to treatment; or

  1. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. OR

  1. Malignant neoplasms:

  1. Carcinoma of the cervix, invasive, FIGO stage II and beyond; or

  2. Kaposi’s sarcoma with:

    1. Extensive oral lesions; or

    2. Involvement of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, or other visceral organs; or

  1. Lymphoma (for example, primary lymphoma of the brain, Burkitt’s lymphoma, immunoblastic sarcoma, other non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease); or

  2. Squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal or anal margin. OR

  1. Conditions of the skin or mucous membranes (other than described in B2, D2, or D3, above), with extensive fungating or ulcerating lesions not responding to treatment (for example, dermatological conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, vulvovaginal or other mucosal Candida, condyloma caused by human Papillomavirus, genital ulcerative disease). OR

  2. Neurological manifestations of HIV infection (for example, HIV encephalopathy, peripheral neuropathy) resulting in one of the following:

  1. Loss of previously acquired, or marked delay in achieving, developmental milestones or intellectual ability (including the sudden onset of a new learning disability); or

  2. Impaired brain growth (acquired microcephaly or brain atrophy—see 114.00F4b); or

  3. Progressive motor dysfunction affecting gait and station or fine and gross motor skills. OR

  1. Growth disturbance, with:

  1. An involuntary weight loss (or failure to gain weight at an appropriate rate for age) resulting in a fall of 15 percentiles from established growth curve (on standard growth charts) that persists for 2 months or longer, or

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