decision is made based on the specific requirements of that listing. For example, a claimant coinfected with HIV and hepatitis can currently be adjudicated under either Listing 5.05, chronic liver disease, or Listing 14.08K, repeated manifestations of HIV. If the primary impairment is hepatitis and the claimant does not meet the 14.08K listing, the claim can be referred to 5.05. In this case, the claim is adjudicated in the same way as a hepatitis claim without HIV is, regardless of the claimant’s HIV diagnosis, unless the condition is also part of the HIV Infection Listings.

Upon assessment of the criteria currently in the Listing of Impairments for these other infections, the committee determined that these were appropriate for assessing disability for individuals with HIV coinfection. Because the condition is not usually clinically distinct and can be captured adequately by other disability listings, the committee concluded that HIV coinfection with one of the conditions listed in Box 6-1 should be cross-referenced to other listings.

RECOMMENDATION 5. SSA should cross-reference the following HIV-associated conditions to existing listings:

  • Cardiovascular disease (Listings 4.00 and 104.00);

  • Chronic kidney disease, including HIV-associated nephropathy (Listing 6.00 and 106.00);

  • Diabetes (Listings 9.08 and 109.08);

  • Hepatitis (Listings 5.05 and 105.05); and

  • Malignancies (Listings 13.00 and 113.00), not otherwise specified in the report.

This recommendation differs from Recommendation 4 in two ways. First, the duration of these allowances should follow the durations identified by the other sublistings. However, if the literature is found to show that HIV coinfection causes changes to the disease not effectively captured in other disability listings, SSA may want to consider adding the disease to the HIV Infection Listings. Second, unlike conditions in Recommendation 4, the conditions discussed in this chapter are not linked to functional criteria to allow for the conditions to be easily cross-referenced.


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