Investigation of Dielectric and Thermal Properties of Wire Insulation Polymers for Development of Capacitive Nondestructive Evaluation

Dynamic Wiring Fault Detection Research

An Instrumented Crimp Tool for Electrical Termination Inspection


Flight Deck System Research—Multi-Disciplinary Solution Concepts

RDT&E of a Robust Automation-Human System Concept of Operations

RDT&E of a “Better-than-Visual” Display and Decision Support Concept of Operations

Discipline-Specific Research

Integrated Alerting & Notification: ALARMS—Alerting and Reasoning Management System

Testing and Validation of a Psychophysically Defined Metric of Display Clutter

Foundational Research

Forward-Looking Sensing of Aviation Hazards

Characterizing and Classifying the Functional State of Operators

Context-Sensitive Multi-Modal Interfaces

Design Tools

Advanced Computational Methods for the Design of Automated Systems

Next Generation Automation Interaction Design Tools

Design Advisor Tool

Surface Map Traffic Intent Displays and Net-Centric Data-Link Communications for NextGen


Resilient Flight Control

Advances in Adaptive Control Methods for Resilient Flight Control

An Adaptive Control Technology for Flight Safety in the Presence of Actuator Anomalies and Damage

Composite Model Reference Adaptive Control

Analytical Validation Tools for Safety Critical Aerospace Systems

Internal Algorithm Monitor for Adaptive Systems

Constraining the Flight Maneuvering Envelope for Structurally Damaged Aircraft

Damage-Resilient Flight Planning and Guidance System for Safe, Collaborative Emergency Management

Modeling the Human Pilot Controlling Systems with Rapidly Changing Dynamics

Flight Test Evaluation of the Smart-Cue and Smart-Gain Concepts to Alleviate Pilot-Vehicle System Loss of Control

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