TABLE B.1 Summary of Priority Activities as Recommended by the Program Prioritization Panels

EOS Panel

PAG Panel

RMS Panel

OIR Panel

Priority Activity

Cost Appraisal (category)

Priority Activity

Cost Appraisal (category)

Priority Activity

Cost Appraisal (category)

Priority Activity

Cost Appraisal (category)


$1.5 billion (L)

(1) LISA

$1.5 billion (L)

(1) HERA-I and HERA-II

$25 million + $85 million (M)

(1) GSMT

≥$1 billion (L)

(2) IXO (project start)

$1.0 billion (L)


$0.2 billion (L)

(2) FASR

(2) CCAT

$100 million (M)

$110 million (M)

(2) LSST

$460 million (L)

(3) Exoplanet Mission

$0.7 billion (L)

(1) Pulsar Timing Array for Gravitational Wave Detection

$70 million (M)

ATA enhancement

$44 million (M)

(1) NSF medium-scale instrumentation program augmentation (OIR+PAG+RMS)

$200 million


$0.2 billion (M)

(1) NASA Explorer augmentation

$1 billion (M)

Enhancements to GBT, EVLA, VLBA, ALMA

$120 million

(2) TSIP augmentation

$40 million (M)





Enhancements to CARMA, EHT

$25 million



(2) Explorer

$0.5 billion (M)

(2) Technology development augmentation and ULDB R&D and augmentation

$550 million NASA (M), $150 million NSF plus DOE (M)

(2) OIR system augmentation

$61 million (M)

(3) R&A

$0.2 billion (M)

(3) Auger North

$60 million (U.S. portion) (M)

Small, unprioritized programs

$100 million

NOTE: Entries under each panel are in priority order within size category. Note that the RMS panel has two equal second priorities. The EOS costs are shown for the panel’s enhanced budget scenario. The tabulated costs are in FY2010 dollars and are estimates for the decade. Categories: L, large; M, medium.

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