may be located in the utility corridor. Demolition refers to the mechanical removal of structures with conventional construction equipment and industrial demolition techniques. Planning documents that address mass demolition will need to consider dust suppression, noise, and traffic studies and plans. As discussed above, the Army’s preference is to move toward mass demolition in order to improve safe working conditions and to minimize manual labor.

Cost and Schedule

Integrated cost and schedule should be tracked at the program level. It is important to forecast and track cost and schedule against the project schedule and allotted budget. The committee heard from Army and contractor staff that they currently use project tracking tools such as earned value to measure progress against scope, schedule, and budget.6 Earned value is a commonly accepted project management tool.

Closure Project Management and Closure Team

The experience of committee members is that for successful project execution, the project management quality assurance document, in addition to the project organization chart, should clearly indicate the roles and responsibilities of the project team members. The decommissioning work packages should contain steps such as daily (or as necessary) project briefing before starting a task and hold points for effective project control. This is also a good opportunity to reflect on health, safety, and security issues.

Finding 2-7. It was not evident to the committee that a project quality assurance plan for closure was developed for every baseline chemical agent disposal facility site.

Recommendation 2-7. The Army should create a project management quality assurance plan for each baseline chemical agent disposal facility site, describing the project organization, accountability, and lines of responsibilities for closure project execution for routine and unforeseen work situations.


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