10 min

30 min

1 h

4 h

8 h

1,300 ppm

1,300 ppm

870 ppm

390 ppm

260 ppm

irritation is no longer considered mild; the concentration represents the threshold for lethality. The 10-min value was set equal to the 30-min value because of the uncertainty in extrapolating from the exposure duration of 4 h to 10 min.

Data Adequacy: Data were adequate for derivation of an AEGL-3. The resulting values were supported by dog data (similar no-effect level of mortality in a nonobligate nose breather; Jacobson et al. 1956); monkey data, 300 ppm 6 h/day for 2 years not lethal (Sprinz et al. 1982; Lynch et al. 1983; Setzer et al. 1997); 457 ppm for 7 h/day for 154 days not lethal (Rowe et al. 1956); and human data (exposure to 1,520 ppm for 171 min not lethal) (CMA 1998).

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