Chandra—X-ray telescope in space, a NASA mission

CHARA—Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy, a six-telescope optical-infrared interferometric array

CI—neutral carbon

CLIO—A prototype, underground, cryogenic gravitational-wave detector in Japan

CMB—Cosmic microwave background

CMBPol—Concept for space mission to study the polarization of the CMB

CMD—Color-magnitude diagram

CMF—Core mass function

CNES—Centre National d’Études Spatiales

COBE—Cosmic Background Explorer

COROT—Convection Rotation and Planetary Transits satellite

COS—Cosmic Origins Spectrograph on HST

COSMOS—Cosmological Evolution Survey

COUPP—Chicagoland Observatory for Underground Particle Physics

CP—Charge-parity symmetry

CREAM—Cosmic Ray Energetics and Mass

CSA—Canadian Space Agency

CSO—Caltech Submillimeter Observatory

CTA—Čerenkov Telescope Array

CV—Cataclysmic variable

CXC—Chandra X-ray Observatory Center

DAMA/LIBRA—Dark Matter Experiment/Large Sodium Iodide Bulk for Rare Processes, a Gran Sasso detector

DARPA—Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

DEEP2—Deep Extragalactic Evolutionary Probe 2

DEIMOS—Deep Imaging Multi-Object Spectrograph, a Keck Observatory spectrograph

DES—Dark Energy Survey

DM—Deformable mirror

DOE—Department of Energy

DRS—Disturbance Reduction System for LISA

DWFIR—Deep, Wide-Field IR Survey

EDGES—Experiment to Detect the Global EoR Step, an MIT project

EDELWEISS—Expérience pour Detecter Les Wimps En Site Souterrain

E-ELT—European Extremely Large Telescope project

EHT—Event Horizon Telescope

ELT—Extremely Large Telescope

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