Table E-14 shows the data for foreign-trained Ph.D.s. It should be noted that information regarding foreign-trained Ph.D. students is not as well documented as the information for U.S.-trained Ph.D. students. In Table E-14, the values in the rightmost column are the average annual growth rates using the past 3 years of data (e.g., 2003 to 2006) because there are no data available for 2001. These are the annual growth rates used for the various foreign-trained Ph.D. groups in the workforce projections. Where there are “blanks” in the 2003 or 2006 data, values have been assumed to be the same as either the preceding data or the succeeding data. These cells are shaded gray and will show no growth between 2003 and 2006 because the same numbers are used for both years.

TABLE E-14 Data for Foreign-Trained Ph.D.s

SOURCE: Dara adopted from National Science Foundation Survey of College Graduates, 1995-2006.

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