• What are the incentives for administrations, faculty, firms, and technology transfer (TT) officers to participate in the TT process? Is the current IP administrative structure on most campuses aligned with these incentives? Are these incentives serving the public interest, assuming that interest to be reflected in effective generation and diffusion of welfare-enhancing innovation?

  • Do internal lines of reporting (e.g., via chief research/academic officer vs. via chief business/financial officer vs. via chief legal officer) affect the conduct of technology transfer office (TTO) functions?

  • What is the optimal professional skill set of the TTO (e.g., legal, business development, technical specialization, etc.)? To what extent does the real world mix of skills in most TTOs differ from the optimal?

  • To what extent do you think a principal TTO mission is and should be the earning of revenue for the institution? Have pressures to earn revenue intensified or been moderated in recent years? How can TTOs resist or reduce such pressure if that should be the case?

  • How does AUTM survey reporting affect expectations about TTO performance, especially with respect to revenue raising? What changes could or should be made to support diffusion of welfare-enhancing innovation?

  • It is well known that the cost of technology transfer administration on most campuses exceeds the revenue the institution earns through licensing royalties, equity, or lawsuit settlements. In these circumstances should every institution that conducts some research have a TTO?

  • Some studies suggest that faculty evasion of the technology transfer office is significant and growing. If you agree, to what do you attribute this? Is it problematic?

  • What are the pros and cons of alternative arrangements:

    • Professor’s privilege?

    • Outsourcing?

    • Regional (or another basis) coalition of institutions?

  • What is the nature of interest, across different nations, in alternative models for tech transfer, commercialization, and licensing?

  • How well is the monitoring of the TTOs set up over time?

9:45 AM to 10:15 AM

Session 1 Open Discussion

10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Session 2: Effects of technology transfer and intellectual property management on the norms of the university

Moderated by Margo Bagley, Professor of Law, University of Virginia

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