Questions for the Panelists

Systematic Review Experts Panel

  • How do you develop your review questions?

    • To what extent is the user involved in developing the research question?

  • How do you determine the inclusion criteria for studies in your evidence synthesis?

    • Do you incorporate observational and other nonran­domized data? If yes, what are the parameters for their use?

    • Do you incorporate unpublished and grey literature? Please explain.

    • How do you protect against publication and report­ing (outcome) bias? What have been the challenges (if any)?

  • Do you use any specific instruments or methods to ensure the quality of your SRs?

  • What are the greatest challenges in producing SRs that meaningfully support users’ decisions?

  • How do your “customers” use your reviews?

  • How are your reviews funded? Do you accept industry funding? How do you identify and address potential con­flicts of interest (COIs)?

  • This Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee is charged with recommending standards for SRs of comparative effective­ness research (CER). Are there steps in your SR process that could be standardized?

  • What would be the implications if the IOM were to rec­ommend a standard grading scheme for characterizing the strength of evidence?

Professional Specialty Societies Panel

  • Does your organization produce its own SRs?

    • If yes, have you developed or adopted standards or guidance for the process? Please describe.

    • If no, who produces your SRs? To what extent does your organization participate in the review?

  • What are the greatest challenges in using SRs to develop clinical practice guidelines (CPGs)?

  • How are your SRs funded? Do you accept industry funding? How do you identify and address potential COIs?

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