BOX 6-1

ACS Questions on Birth, Citizenship, and Year of Entry into the United States

  1. Where was this person born?

□ In the United States

        Print Name of State

□ Outside the United States

        Print Name of Foreign Country, or Puerto Rico or Guam etc

  1. Is this person a citizen of the United States?

□ Yes, born in the United States,

□ Yes, born in Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or Northern Marianas

□ Yes, born abroad of U.S citizen parent or parents

□ Yes, U.S. citizen by naturalization

        Print Year of Naturalization

□ No, not a U.S. citizen

  1. When did this person come to live in the United States?

    Print year of Arrival

tions. Based on the results of the content test, in 2008 the ACS added a question on year of naturalization.

Unfortunately, it is not known how these issues with the precise timing of the date of entry affect the precision of the estimate of immigrant children and youth for purposes of Title III allocations. If a significant number of children and youth who had originally arrived 3 years ago or earlier reported a subsequent arrival because of confusion over the meaning of the question, there would be tendency for the count of recent immigrant children and youth from the ACS to be an overestimate.

Effect of Nonresponse on Data Quality

We next considered the possible effect of item nonresponse on the ACS estimates. The allocation (imputation) rates (described in Chapter 2) for the “place of birth” item were 7.0 percent in 2008, which is considered moderate, and the allocation rates for the “year of entry” items were also moderate, at 10.4 percent. However, the amount of imputation required has trended upwards from year to year for each of the immigrant-identifying questions: see Table 6-1.

The implications of nonresponse for the accuracy of estimates are not evident. Its effects depend, first of all, on the accuracy of the assumptions underlying the

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