developing enabling technologies, and applying them in vulnerable communities. The objectives identify the logical elements in fulfilling these goals.

The committee endorses the 2008 NEHRP Strategic Plan, and identifies 18 specific task elements required to implement that plan and materially improve national earthquake resilience.

The tasks identified are:

1. Physics of Earthquake Processes

2. Advanced National Seismic System

3. Earthquake Early Warning

4. National Seismic Hazard Model

5. Operational Earthquake Forecasting

6. Earthquake Scenarios

7. Earthquake Risk Assessments and Applications

8. Post-earthquake Social Science Response and Recovery Research

9. Post-earthquake Information Management

10. Socioeconomic Research on Hazard Mitigation and Recovery

11. Observatory Network on Community Resilience and Vulnerability

12. Physics-based Simulations of Earthquake Damage and Loss

13. Techniques for Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings

14. Performance-based Earthquake Engineering for Buildings

15. Guidelines for Earthquake-Resilient Lifeline Systems

16. Next Generation Sustainable Materials, Components, and Systems

17. Knowledge, Tools, and Technology Transfer to/from the Private Sector

18. Earthquake-Resilient Community and Regional Demonstration Projects

The tasks generally cross cut the goals and objectives described in the 2008 NEHRP Strategic Plan because they are formulated as coherent activities that span from knowledge building to implementation. The linkage between the goals and objectives, on the one hand, and the tasks on the other, is shown in the following matrix (Table 3.1). The matrix is richly populated, illustrating the cross-cutting nature of the tasks.

Each of the 18 tasks is described below under a series of subheadings: proposed activity and actions, existing knowledge and current capabilities, enabling requirements, and implementation issues.

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