TABLE 3-1 Timeline of Scientific Events in the Anthrax Mailings Investigation

Project initiated Final report Agency/institution/individual conducting the work Project FBI document number
10/4/01 First case of anthrax reported to CDC. The first lab confirmation of an initial clinical identification of B. anthracis from a victim of the letter attacks (Stevens) was done at the Florida State Laboratory in Jacksonville. N/A
10/12/01 11/14/01 FBI and local law enforcement Collection of biological evidence: 4 envelopes, 17 clinical samples, 106 environmental samples along mail paths (FL, DC, NJ, NY, CT) N/A
10/17/01 10/19/01 Battelle Memorial Institute (BMI) Microbiological analyses of letter material identifies 2 Bacillus species: one non-beta-hemolytic (consistent with B. anthracis) and one beta-hemolytic (not further characterized) B2M1D1 B2M13D4
10/01 Beecher Environmental sampling of mail bags
10/01 11/01 CDC Clinical isolates from stricken patients identified as B. anthracis N/A
10/18/01 11/27/01 USAMRIID Initial characterization of letter material (CFU, EM, visual inspection) B1M1D2
10/01 11/26/01 Battelle Memorial Institute SEM-EDX analysis of letter material B2M13D3, B2M13D8
11/01 Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) SEM-EDX analysis of letter material AFIP, 2001
10/01 05/02 Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Material analysis for evidence of genetic engineering B1M4
10/01 9/02 Northern Arizona University Identification of USAMRIID samples as Ames strain B1M3

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