FIGURE 4-1 Student volunteers helping make crystalline models, as part of a local section outreach event during Rutgers Day, 2009.
SOURCE: Jeannette Brown, ACS North Jersey Local Section.

ChemEnthusiast listserve is also useful for posting information about events and resources.

The sections also reach out to media, such as television and newspapers. Members of the New Jersey section appeared on Good Morning America, and on another occasion the group invited a reporter to a local section meeting talk to gather background information. Some section members may also give community presentations and influence policy makers, as Brown has done. “In other words, we are trying to get all of our members, not just the Jeannette Browns, to become ambassadors,” said Brown.


“Chemistry Ambassador” Ruth Woodall, shown in Figure 4-3, discussed the outreach efforts of the ACS Nashville Local Section. She also briefly spoke about her involvement with the Tennessee Scholars Program.7 Woodall demonstrated an amusing example of how she connects to young people. She introduces chemistry in outreach activities and chemistry classes by using thermochromic “mood” pens; she has the students use the pens to determine who is the “hottest” to invite to the prom.

Woodall explained that such outreach efforts allow her to show a human face of chemistry. She is often recognized in different venues as the “chemistry lady” by people who have seen her give demonstrations and hand out her mood pens. She said that the local section outreach opportunities are a great way for volunteers to become engaged in the community, as well as for the community to engage in chemistry. She has enjoyed meeting people in the community and networking through her volunteer efforts with the ACS.


FIGURE 4-2 Outreach during National Chemistry Week at the Liberty Science Center.
SOURCE: Jeannette Brown, ACS North Jersey Local Section.

Woodall discussed some of the activities of the Nashville Section in her community. One example is in conjunction with a local museum, the Adventure Science Center, and involves student groups from local universities and colleges (Figure 4-4). The section also collaborates with the Nashville Earth Day in the Park each year and does outreach activities at state fairs, after-school programs, and so on.


FIGURE 4-3 Chemistry Ambassador Ruth Woodall.
SOURCE: Ruth Woodall, ACS Nashville Local Section.


7For more information, see (accessed December 21, 2010).

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