FIGURE D.1 Satellite and launch demand realized and forecast for the years 1993-2019. A dual manifest launch can launch two satellites at once. The green line depicts how many satellites were launched or are predicted to launch per year. On average, 20 commercial GEO satellites were launched each year to 2009, and this trend is expected to continue.
SOURCE: FAA, 2009.

Hosted GEO Ocean Color?

Combining the information from the Korean COMS-1 Geostationary Ocean Color Imager (GOCI) and the CHIRP mission suggests a potentially attractive GEO ocean color option. Coastal Waters Imaging (CWI) spectral requirements are not substantially tighter in bandwidth than GOCI and the CWI signal-to-noise (SNR) requirements are comparable to GOCI (NOAA, 2004; Faure, 2007). Therefore, CWI requirements suggest sensor dimensions (and mass) would be comparable to GOCI, as optical aperture and SNR are the primary sensor dimensional drivers. As GOCI mass is within the capacity of a commercial GEO satellite, CWI capability may be practical within the dimensions, mass, power, and data rate envelope for cost-effective commercial GEO hosting.

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