III. Specific Causal Association Between an Individual’s Exposure and the Onset of Disease

A. Was the Plaintiff Exposed to the Substance, and if So, Did the Exposure Occur in a Manner That Can Result in Absorption into the Body?

B. Were Other Factors Present That Can Affect the Distribution of the Compound Within the Body?

C. What Is Known About How Metabolism in the Human Body Alters the Toxic Effects of the Compound?

D. What Excretory Route Does the Compound Take, and How Does This Affect Its Toxicity?

E. Does the Temporal Relationship Between Exposure and the Onset of Disease Support or Contradict Causation?

F. If Exposure to the Substance Is Associated with the Disease, Is There a No Observable Effect, or Threshold, Level, and if So, Was the Individual Exposed Above the No Observable Effect Level?

 IV. Medical History

A. Is the Medical History of the Individual Consistent with the Toxicologist’s Expert Opinion Concerning the Injury?

B. Are the Complaints Specific or Nonspecific?

C. Do Laboratory Tests Indicate Exposure to the Compound?

D. What Other Causes Could Lead to the Given Complaint?

E. Is There Evidence of Interaction with Other Chemicals?

F. Do Humans Differ in the Extent of Susceptibility to the Particular Compound in Question? Are These Differences Relevant in This Case?

G. Has the Expert Considered Data That Contradict His or Her Opinion?

  V. Expert Qualifications

A. Does the Proposed Expert Have an Advanced Degree in Toxicology, Pharmacology, or a Related Field? If the Expert Is a Physician, Is He or She Board Certified in a Field Such as Occupational Medicine?

B. Has the Proposed Expert Been Certified by the American Board of Toxicology, Inc., or Does He or She Belong to a Professional Organization, Such as the Academy of Toxicological Sciences or the Society of Toxicology?

C. What Other Criteria Does the Proposed Expert Meet?

 VI. Acknowledgments

Glossary of Terms

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