• Anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock or anaphylactic reaction
  • Arthropath* or arthrit* or arthralgia
  • (Autism or autistic or “Kanner? syndrome”)
  • (“Autism spectrum” or “Rett? syndrome” or “Asperger? syndrome” or “child* schizophrenia” or “pervasive child* development* disorder?” or “pervasive development disorder?” or “disintegrative disorder?”)
  • (Ataxia? or “coordination impairment?” or dyssynergia or rubral tremor?)
  • (“Brachial plexus neuritis” or “brachial neuritis” or “brachial neuralgia?” or “amyotroph* neuralgi*” or “cervicobrachial neuralgia?” or “cervico-brachial neuralgia?” or “Parsonage-Turner syndrome” or “Parsonage-Aldren-Turner syndrome” or “brachial neuritides” or “shoulder-girdle neuropath*” or “brachial plexus neuritides”)
  • (“Fatigue syndrome?” or “chronic fatigue” or “myalgic encephalomyelitis” or “fatigue disorder” or “royal free disease” or “postviral fatigue syndrome?”)
  • (“Chronic remitting demyelinating disease?” or “disseminated neuropathy”)
  • (Polyneuropath* or polyradiculoneuropathy” or multiple sclerosis)
  • (Complex regional pain or causalgia or reflex sympathetic dystrophy)
  • (Epileps* or myoclon* or spasm” or convulsion? or seizure?)
  • (Encephalitis or brain inflammation or encephalomyelitis)
  • Brain disease? or encephal*
  • (Fibromyalgia? or flbrositis or flbrositides or “myofascial pain syndrome”)
  • (Frozen shoulder or bursitis or synovitis or synovitides or bursitides or adhesive capsulitis or adhesive capsulitides or periarthritis or periarthritides or shoulder impingement or subacromial impingement)
  • (“Hearing loss” or deafness or hypoacusis or hypoacuses or “hearing impairment”)
  • Hepatitis
  • (“Insulin-dependent diabetes” or “type-1 diabetes” or “juvenile-onset diabetes” or “sudden-onset diabetes” or IDDM or “brittle diabetes” or “autoimmune diabetes” or “ketosis-prone diabetes”)
  • (Meningitis or meningo* or meningeal or arachnoiditis or meningitides or pachymeningitis or pachymeningitides)
  • Demyelinating or encephalomyelitis or “Guillain Barre” or myelitis
  • (“Opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome” or “dancing eyes dancing feet

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