TABLE 5-1 Publications Reporting a Single Health Outcome in New Populations

Author Study Design Exposure Measure(s) Having Results Health Outcome Reported Study Population

Studies of Vietnam Veterans
Shah et al., 2009   Case–control Reported as “previous agent orange exposure” Progression of prostate cancer Veterans with radical prostatectomies examined at 1 of 5 VA Healthcare facilities; health data culled from the SEARCH database
Occupational Studies
Dhillon et al., 2008   Case–control Occupational and environmental exposures, including 2.4-D, 2,4,5-T, Silvex PD Individuals, ≥ 50 yrs of age, diagnosed with PD and living in eastern TX
Elbaz et al., 2009   Case–control Herbicides, phenoxys PD PD patients (18–75 yrs of age) who applied for free healthcare for agriculture workers or related occupations in France
Lo et al., 2010   Case–control Herbicides (unspecified) Colorectal carcinoma Egyptian cases and hospital-matched controls
Tanner et al., 2009   Case–control 2,4-D PD Consecutively eligible PD patients recruited from 8 US movement disorder clinic
Environmental Studies
Aronson et al., 2010 Case-control POPs (dl PCBs 118 and 156) in serum Prostate cancer Male clinic patients (50–80 yrs of age) who visited 1 of 5 urologists from 1997 through 1999 in Kingston, Ontario
Chang et al., 2010 Cross–sectional TEQs Type 2 diabetes (insulin resistance and pancreatic β-cell function Residents living near a deserted PCP factory in Tainan City, Taiwan
Cok et al., 2010   Case–control Organochlorine pesticides and PCB (including dl-PCB 118) in adipose tissue Infertility Adipose taken from fertile and infertile men during surgical procedures in Turkey

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