Cancer Site ICD-9 Codes ICD-10 Codes
Acute lymphocytic 204.0 C9I.0
Chronic lymphocytic 204.1 C9I.I
Other lymphocytic 202.4,204.2-204.9 C91.2-C9I.4,C9I.7,C91.9
Myeloid (granulocytic)
Acute myeloid 205.0,207.0, 207.2 C92.0, C92.4-C92.5, C94.0, C94.2
Chronic myeloid 205.1 C92.1
Other myeloid 205.2-205.3, 205.8-205.9 C92.2-C92.3. C92.7, C92.9
Acute monocytic 206.0 C93.0
Chronic monocytic 206.1 C93.I
Other monocytic 2O6.2-206.9 C93.2, C93.7, C93.9
Other leukemia
Other acute 208.0 C94.4, C94.5, C95.0
Other chronic 207.1,208.1 C94.I,C95.I
Aleukemic, subleukemic and 203.1,207.2,207.8, C90.1,C9I.5,C94.3,C94.7,
"not otherwise specified" 208.2-208.9 C95.2, C95.7, C95.9
Miscellaneous malignant neoplasms 159.1, 195.0-195.8, C26.I, C76.0-C76.8, C77.0-
196.0-196.9, C77.9, C78.0-C78.8,
199.0-199.1,202.3, C79.0-C79.8, C80,
202.5-202.6. C88.0-C88.9, C96.0-
203.8 C96.2. C96.7. C96.9, C97

aCancers of the peripheral nerves and the autonomic nervous system are classified as “soft tissue” in ICD.
SOURCE: Adapted from Ries et al. (2003), Table A-4.

neoplasms of uncertain behavior, and neoplasms of unspecified behavior have separate codes in both schemes.


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