• Assessment of needs for NHP in other countries by enlisting expertise from these countries in the project.

2. Factors affecting the breeding of various species of NHP used in research

• This will include breeding of NHP both in the US and abroad, and will address issues such as nutrition, age of dams, pregnancy success rates, genetic management.

3. Infectious diseases affecting NHP and the standardization of microbial characterization of individuals and colonies with a focus on quality control and the development and use of reference reagents to minimize variability among laboratories and facilities.

4. Genetic management of animals including either genetic diversity or genetic similarity, depending on the needs of the research with recommendations for standardizing practices.

5. Behavioral management of the animals with recommendations for best practice in maintaining psychological well-being, optimal housing conditions and colony management.

6. Transportation issues specific to NHP, including the control of micro-environment of the animals during shipping, transport of biological samples from NHP, and current international regulatory obstacles to importation and transportation of animals.

7. Training of individuals involved with the care and use of NHP, including research and husbandry staff, and addressing the shortage of veterinarians specializing in NHP medicine.

8. Recommendations for the conservation of NHP resources, including the creation of formal mechanisms to facilitate sharing of samples and animals, detailed databases of genomic information on individual animals and development of small animal models to replace NHP where appropriate.

Some additional issues to be addressed:

• Elaborate on the translational value of research on NHP to human disease

• Identify priority areas of basic research for which NHP resources will be essential

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