IBM Research. In this role, Dr. Dean is responsible for “setting the direction of IBM’s overall research strategy across eight worldwide labs,” he explained. Dr. Dean is an IBM fellow and has won many awards for innovation and technical leadership.

Impact of Broadband on Economic Growth and Productivity

Chen Ying
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Information and communications technology has played an increasingly vital role as a driver of global growth and in China’s rapid economic development, Mr. Chen said. The industry has grown faster than others over the past 30 years. Its contribution to global gross-domestic product has risen by about a percentage point each decade, he noted.

The ICT industry will “be very important to growth of our national economy,” Mr. Chen said. China’s goals now are to improve the information-technology industry and maximize its potential. The government is setting priorities on different IT technologies, promoting a greater diversity of products, and “improving the infrastructure and applications of IT in different areas of our daily lives,” he said. “It will create a great number of technologies and products, and will open up new markets. It will cultivate integration with new industries that have strong innovative abilities and with high value-added and new areas of growth.”

Breakthroughs are occurring in areas such as the next generation of the Internet, new visual display devices, and digital audio equipment, Mr. Chen observed. Worldwide, governments are developing national strategies to target such opportunities, he added.

Over the next five years, information and communication technologies are expected to create no less than $5 trillion in global market demand and will lead economic growth. “Meanwhile, the manufacturing and service industries that are based on ICT industries are maintaining a growth rate of 30 percent,” he said. These include electronic commerce, modern logistics, and outsourced software and services. ICT also is helping “optimize redistribution of resources worldwide.” The growth of the industry also is creating more market opportunities for information-technology products, he said.

One top priority is to integrate information and communication technologies into Chinese industries. ICT can have a major impact in renovating and improving existing traditional industries, Mr. Chen

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