a new technology. “If you’re going to do something different, you’ve got to do something different.”

Broglie was asked whether DuPont has a strategy for releasing research results into the public sphere when they do not lead to marketable products but could nevertheless lead to important advances. The question is difficult to answer, he said, because there are many reasons why something might not progress through the commercialization pipeline. However, DuPont has worked with the Gates Foundation on crops for which it does not sell seed to improve the nutritional quality of grains. In other cases, technical dead-ends are publicly released to make information available that has public value.

Roberts was asked about liability considerations if a model leads farmers to make a decision that turns out to be mistaken or harmful. He agreed that for a model to be useful as a decision tool, it would need lots of supporting data. Also, through use the model would be refined.

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