Stephen Mackwell, Lunar and Planetary Institute (vice chair)

Barbara A. Cohen, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Martha S. Gilmore, Wesleyan University

Lori Glaze, Proxemy Research

David H. Grinspoon, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Steven A. Hauck II, Case Western Reserve University

Ayanna M. Howard, Georgia Institute of Technology

Charles K. Shearer, University of New Mexico

Douglas S. Stetson, Space Science and Exploration Consulting Group

Edward M. Stolper, California Institute of Technology

Allan H. Treiman, Lunar and Planetary Institute

Mars Panel Membership7

Philip R. Christensen, Arizona State University (chair)

Wendy M. Calvin, University of Nevada, Reno (vice chair)

Raymond E. Arvidson, Washington University

Robert D. Braun,8 Georgia Institute of Technology

Glenn E. Cunningham, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (retired)

David Des Marais,9 NASA Ames Research Center

Linda T. Elkins-Tanton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Francois Forget, University of Paris

John P. Grotzinger, California Institute of Technology

Penelope King, University of New Mexico

Philippe Lognonne, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

Paul R. Mahaffy, Goddard Institute for Space Studies

Lisa M. Pratt, Indiana University

Primitive Bodies Panel Membership7

Joseph F. Veverka, Cornell University (chair)

Harry Y. McSween, Jr., University of Tennessee, Knoxville (vice chair)

Erik Asphaug, University of California, Santa Cruz

Michael E. Brown, California Institute of Technology

Donald E. Brownlee, University of Washington

Marc Buie, Southwest Research Institute

Timothy J. McCoy, Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History

Marc D. Rayman, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Edward Reynolds, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory

Mark Sephton, Imperial College London

Jessica Sunshine, University of Maryland, College Park

Faith Vilas, MMT Observatory



7 Except for the chair and vice chair, all terms ended by October 2010.

8 Term ended February 8, 2010.

9 Term ended August 1, 2010.

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