277 individuals from 81 colleges and universities and 54 other public or private organizations served as formally appointed members of the Board and its committees. More than 306 individuals participated in SSB activities either as presenters or as invited workshop participants. The report review process is as important as the writing of reports, and during 2010, 57 different external reviewers contributed to critiques of draft reports. Overall, more than 634 individuals from 84 academic institutions, 73 industry or nonprofit organizations, and 27 government agencies or offices participated in SSB activities. That number included 48 members of NAS, NAE, or IOM. Being able to draw on such a broad base of expertise is a unique strength of the NRC advisory process.


The Space Studies Board’s efforts have been relevant to a full range of government audiences in civilian space research—including NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD), NASA’s Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD), NASA’s Program Analysis and Evaluation Office, NSF, NOAA, USGS, and the Department of Energy (DOE). Reports on NASA-wide issues were addressed to multiple NASA offices or the whole agency; reports on science issues, to SMD; and reports on exploration systems issues, to ESMD. Within NASA, SMD has been the leading sponsor of SSB reports. Reports have also been sponsored by or of interest to agencies besides NASA—for example, NOAA, NSF, DOE, and the USGS.

TABLE 1.2 Experts Involved in the Space Studies Board and Its Committees, January 1, 2010, to December 31, 2010

Number of Board and Committee Members Number of Institutions or Agencies Represented
Academia 124 22
Government and national facilities 31 13
Private industry 32 9
Nonprofit and othera 19 8
Totalb,c 206 52

aOther includes foreign institutions and entities not classified elsewhere.

bIncludes 35 National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine members.

cIncludes 28 Board members, 249 committee members.

TABLE 1.3 Summary of Participation in Space Studies Board Activities, January 1, 2010, to December 31, 2010

Academia Government and National Facilities Private Industry Nonprofit and Other Total Individuals
Board/committee members 124 31 32 19 206
Guest experts 29 61 10 10 110
Reviewers 4 0 12 6 22
Workshop participants 63 12 38 62 175
Total 220 104 92 97 513

NOTE: Counts of individuals are subject to an uncertainty of ±3 due to possible miscategorization.


Total number of NAS, NAE, and/or IOM members 41
Total number of non-U.S. participants 8
Total number of countries represented, including United States 5
Total number of different institutions represented



Government and national facilities




Nonprofit and other


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