This presentation will address the following issues:

•   What is unique in the 21st century that makes these skills especially valuable in the labor market and/ or in other life domains (learning, family life, civic engagement)?


•   How does the growing use of computers and technology affect the labor market and the demand for 21st century skills?


•   What does more recent research suggest about the skills needed to be successful in the 21st century?

  (10:00-10:15) How Will You Know If Your Students Are 21st Century Ready?
  Deborah Boisvert (Boston Area Advanced Technical Education)
  The presenter will respond to the opening presentation, reflecting her work with employers to define, teach, and assess 21st century skills of computer technicians.
  (10:15-10:45) The Teaching and Learning of 21st Century Skills
  Eric Anderman (Ohio State University)
  This presentation will address the following issues:

•   What is known about the extent to which the three skill clusters and/or the skills within them can be taught and learned?


•   To what extent are learning, teaching, and assessment of the three skill clusters domain specific or domain general?

  (10:45-11:00) Discussion
  Moderators will lead a question-and-answer session with the presenters and audience members.
11:00-11:15 Break

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