TABLE B.2 U.S. General Accounting Office reports related to the Modernization and Associated Restructuring

Report Title   Report Number   Publication Date

Weather Satellites: Cost Growth and Development Delays Jeopardize U.S. Forecasting Ability   GAO/NSIAD-89-169   June 1989
Weather Satellites: Action Needed to Resolve Status of the U.S. Geostationary Satellite Program   GAO/NSIAD-91-252   July 1991
Cost Growth and Delays in Billion-Dollar Weather Service Modernization   GAO/IMTEC-92-12FS   December 1991
Weather Forecasting: Important Issues on Automated Weather Processing System Need Resolution   GAO/IMTEC-93-12BR   January 1993
Weather Forecasting: Systems Architecture Needed for National Weather Service Modernization   GAO/AIMD-94-28   March 1994
Weather Forecasting: Improvements Needed in Laboratory Software Development Processes   GAO/AIMD-95-24   December 1994
Meteorological Satellites   GAO/NSIAD-95-87R   February 1995
Weather Service Modernization: Despite Progress, Significant Problems and Risks Remain   GAO/T-AIMD-95-87   February 1995
High-Risk Series: An Overview   GAO/HR-95-1   February 1995
Weather Service Modernization Questions   GAO/AIMD-95-106R   March 1995
Weather Forecasting: Unmet Needs and Unknown Costs Warrant Reassessment of Observing System Plans   GAO/AIMD-95-81   April 1995
Weather Forecasting: Radar Availability Requirements Not Being Met   GAO/AIMD-95-132   May 1995
Weather Service Modernization Staffing   GAO/AIMD-95-239R   September 1995
Weather Forecasting: Radars Far Superior to Predecessors, but Location and Availability Questions Remain   GAO/T-AIMD-96-2   October 1995
Weather Forecasting: New Processing System Faces Uncertainties and Risks   GAO/T-AIMD-96-47   February 1996
Weather Forecasting: NWS has not Demonstrated that New Processing System Will Improve Mission Effectiveness   GAO/AIMD-96-29   February 1996
Processing Systems Development Risks   GAO/AIMD-96-74   May 1996
NOAA Satellites   GAO/AIMD-96-141R   September 1996
High-Risk Series: Information Management and Technology   GAO/HR-97-9   February 1997
Weather Satellites: Planning for the Geostationary Satellite Program Needs More Attention   GAO/AIMD-97-37   March 1997
Weather Service Modernization and NOAA Corps Issues   GAO/T-AIMD/GGD-97-63   March 1997
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Follow-up on Weather Service Modernization and NOAA Corps Issues   GAO/AIMD/GGD-97-75R   April 1997
Weather Service Modernization: Risks Remain that Full Systems Potential Will Not be Achieved   GAO/T-AIMD-97-85   April 1997
National Weather Service: Budget Events and Continuing Risks of Systems Modernization   GAO/T-AIMD-98-97   March 1998
NWS Sulphur Mountain Radar Performance   GAO/AIMD-99-7   October 1998
Department of Commerce: National Weather Service Modernization and NOAA Fleet Issues   GAO/T-AIMD/GGD-99-97   February 1999
NOAA: National Weather Service Modernization and Weather Satellite Program   GAO/T-AIMD-00-86   March 2000

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