TABLE E-3 Front-of-Package Points for Example Fish and Poultry Products Evaluated Against Various Criteria for Saturated Fat Content

Product Low Healthy/Extra Lean Lean
Salmon fillets, raw 2 2 3
Salmon, canned 2 2 3
Salmon fillets, frozen raw 2 3 3
Salmon steaks, raw 2 3 3
Chicken breasts, boneless skinless 3 3 3
Tuna fish, canned solid in water 3 3 3
Chicken thighs boneless skinless 2 2 2


•  Nutrient and ingredient information for the products listed in the table are provided in Table E-2.

•  Chicken is regulated by USDA but is included as an example product.

•  Products were not evaluated for eligibility against the disclosure level for saturated fat (>4 g per RACC and LS).

•  “Low” saturated fat: ≤1 g per RACC and ≤15% of calories.

•  Healthy/extra lean: ≤2 g per RACC and per 100 g.

•  Lean: ≤4.5 g per RACC and per 100 g.

•  Products meet sodium “healthy” criteria (≤480 mg per RACC and LS) and contain no sugars.

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