TABLE A.3 Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition Start and End Dates, Sites Drilled on Each Expedition, and the Region Where Drilling Occurred.

Exp# Start Dale End Date Sites Region
301 27-Jun-D4 2l-Aug-04 UI30I. 1026 Juan de Euca Ridge
30IT 2l-Aug-04 25-Sep-04 1253-1255 Costa Rica Hydrogeology
303 25-Sep-04 I7-Nov-04 UI302-UI308 North Atlantic Ocean
304 I7-Nov-04 8-Jan-05 UI309-UI3II Atlantis Massif, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
305 8-Jan-05 2-Mar-05 UI309 Atlantis Massif, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
306 2-Mar-05 25-Apr-05 UI3I2-UI3I5 North Atlantic Ocean
307 25-Apr-05 30-May-05 UI3I6-UI3I8 Southwest Irish continental margin
308 30-May-05 8-Jul-05 UI3I9-UI324 Gulf of Mexico
309 8-Jul-05 28-Aug-05 1256 Eastern equatorial Pacific
311 28-Aug-05 28-Ocl-05 UI325-UI329 Cascadia Margin
312 28-Ocl-05 29-Dec-05 1256 Eastern equatorial Pacific
320 5-Mar-09 5-May-09 UI33I-UI336 Equatorial Pacific Ocean
321 5-May-09 23Jun-09 UI337-UI338 [equatorial Pacific Ocean
32 IT 23-Jun-09 5-Jul-09 UI30I Juan de Euca Ridge
323 5-Jul-09 4-Sep-09 UI339-UI345 Bering Sea
324 4-Sep-09 4-NOV-09 UI346-U1350 Shatsky Rise
317 4- Nov-10 4-Jan-10 UI35I-UI354 Canterbury Basin
318 4-Jan-10 8-Mar-10 UI355-UI36I Antarctic Wilkes I^and Margin
327 5-Jul-10 5-Sep-I0 UI362-UI363. UI301, 1027 Juan de Euca Ridge
328 5-Sep-I0 I9-Sep-I0 UI364 Cascadia Margin
329 9-Oct-IO 13-Dec-IO UI365-UI37I South Pacific Gyre
330 13-Dec-IO ll-Feb-ll UI372-UI377 Louisville Seamounts, Southwest Pacific Ocean
334 15-Mar-ll 13-Apr-ll UI378-UI38I Costa Rica margin
335 13-Apr-l) 3-Jun-ll 1256 Eastern equatorial Pacific
336 16-Sep-ll 17-Nov-ll 395. U1382 Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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