and local levels and requires the review of the food package not less than every 10 years. More broadly, there was acknowledgment in the law that any mention of “nutrition education” in the law includes breastfeeding support and promotion. The legislation extended breastfeeding performance bonuses and doubled the funding for them to $10 million. FNS is designing a local agency recognition program, as set out in the legislation, for agencies and clinics that demonstrate exemplary breastfeeding promotion and support activities. Public comment on the criteria developed for the program will be requested through a notice in the Federal Register.

Next Steps

Whitford closed her historical overview by asking the group for guidance on where to go from here with the Loving Support campaign. She posed a series of questions to consider over the course of the workshop: Where does the campaign go from here? How does the WIC Program sustain the progress in breastfeeding rates and support that have been accomplished thus far? How can the images used in the media for communication efforts with WIC participants be revitalized? How can the WIC Program address the barriers that continue to exist for WIC breastfeeding mothers? What are the staff needs that should be addressed at the local level? What technical assistance materials are needed by the staff? What are the educational materials that the staff may need in their efforts to talk with WIC moms?

Whitford closed by thanking participants for their time and input. The understanding gained today will revitalize the campaign and help with the next steps.


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