This report summarizes the main points made at the workshop in India during both the formal presentations and the discussions among participants. In accordance with IOM and National Research Council policies, this report provides an accurate summary of the presentations and discussions held at the workshop; it does not contain any commentaries or views that were not presented at the workshop, and any supplementary viewpoints shared outside of the workshop context are not included in this summary. Observations and recommendations made by individual speakers and participants do not represent the formal positions of the planning committee, the Forum, the IOM, INSA, or ICMR; however, they have provided valuable input to the Forum and to the IOM and the workshop contributors as they deliberate on future initiatives. Presentations at the workshop addressed the following topics:

  • TB and MDR TB in India, including local and national responses to the epidemic (Chapter 2);
  • the global burden of TB and drug-resistant TB, including data from another high-burden country, China (Chapter 3);
  • prevention of the transmission of drug-resistant TB in India (Chapter 4);
  • rapid methods of detecting drug resistance and strengthening laboratory capacity (Chapter 5);
  • approaches to reaching vulnerable populations affected by drug-resistant TB (Chapter 6);
  • public–private engagement and innovative methods in combating drug-resistant TB (Chapter 7);
  • the drug supply chain for second-line drugs (Chapter 8); and
  • the major viewpoints expressed at the workshop and next steps suggested by workshop participants (Chapter 9).

Each of these chapters opens with a box listing the key messages emerging from the workshop presentations and discussions, as identified by the workshop rapporteurs.

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