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you could plug into some other activity that would be doing that? I think the reasons you might want to do that are fairly obvious: to enhance the value of the data for subsequent researchers, as well as to give feedback credit and allow people to be able to annotate the deposited data.

DR. GILNA: There are two answers to that. In practice we do not do that, but that is not to say that we could not or that the capabilities do not exist for that. There is a tradition, if not an ethical expectation within the scientific community, that if you are going to use data, whether or not they have been published, you will cite them. So any dataset, whether it is in CAMERA or the National Center for Biotechnology Information, travels with a unique identifier—an accession number, for example, or something else. The number is expected to be used as a citable entity in the work that is being reported. It should be searchable and indexable and therefore would allow us, or anyone for that matter, to track the general trends and usage of the data.

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