should be held responsible and accountable for well design, well construction, and the suitability of the rig and associated safety equipment. Notwithstanding the above, the drilling contractor should be held responsible and accountable for the operation and safety of the offshore equipment.9

Recommendation 6.21: In carrying out its regulatory responsibilities, BSEE should view operating companies as taking full responsibility for the safety of offshore equipment and its use.

Recommendation 6.22: While the operating company is recognized to have the principal responsibility for compliance with rules and regulations governing offshore operations, BSEE should require the partner companies (as co-lease holders) to have a “see to” responsibility to ensure that the operator conducts activities in such a manner that risk is as low as reasonably practicable.

Summary Recommendation 6.23: BSEE and other regulators should undertake efforts to expand significantly the formal education and training of regulatory personnel engaged in offshore drilling roles to support proper implementation of system safety.

Recommendation 6.24: BSEE should exert every effort to recruit, develop, and retain experienced and capable technical experts with critical domain competencies.

Summary Recommendation 6.25: BSEE and other regulators should foster an effective safety culture through consistent training, adherence to principles of human factors, system safety, and continued measurement through leading indicators.

Recommendation 6.26: As a regulator, BSEE should enhance its internal safety culture to provide a positive example to the drilling industry through its own actions and the priorities it establishes.


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9 This recommendation is also presented as Summary Recommendation 5.1.

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