the company, to act as the senior corporate official responsible and accountable for meeting the conditions set out in a safety management system (see Chapter 5). This appointment should provide a powerful voice for safe execution of operations and surety in dealing with emergencies: the official should have the authority and responsibility to stop work if necessary.

System Safety Certification

Recommendation 4.20: Industry and regulators should consider relevant aspects of programs for system safety certification that were established for other safety-critical large-scale activities, such as the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Safety Program, as guidance in developing a response to the Deepwater Horizon incident.

Recommendation 4.21: Industry and regulators should develop and implement a certification to ensure that design requirements, material condition, maintenance, modernization, operating and emergency instructions, manning, and training are all effective in meeting the requirements of Recommendation 4.3 throughout the rig’s service life.

Recommendation 4.22: Regulators should require that the rig, the entire system, and the crew be examined annually by an experienced and objective outside team to achieve and maintain certification in operational drilling safeguards. The consequence of unsatisfactory findings should be suspension of the crew’s operation except under special supervisory conditions.

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