HMMWV      High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
HSLA      high-strength, low-alloy
ICME      integrated computational materials engineering
IDF      Israeli Defense Force
IED      improvised explosive device
JHSV      joint high-speed vessel
JLOTS      joint logistics over the shore
JLTV      joint light tactical vehicle
LASS      lightweight construction applications at sea
LCAC      landing craft, air cushion
LCS      littoral combat ship
LCU      landing craft, utility
LSV      logistic support vessel
ManTech      U.S. Department of Defense Manufacturing Technology Program
MMC      metal matrix composite
MRL      manufacturing readiness level
NDE      non-destructive evaluation
NRC      National Research Council
NSTC      National Science and Technology Council
O&S      operations and support
ONR      U.S. Office of Naval Research
RDT&E      research, development, test, and evaluation
RPA      remotely piloted aircraft
RPG      rocket-propelled grenade
S&T      science and technology
SES      surface effect ship
SLWT      super-lightweight tank
SOC      special operations craft
SSC      ship-to-shore connector
TARDEC      Tank Automotive Research, Development & Engineering Center
TMS      Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
TRL      technology readiness level
UAV      unmanned aerial vehicle
VARTM      vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding

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