3-1   Accomplishments of High Efficiency Clean Combustion Projects

3-2   Accomplishments of Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) Projects

3-3   Accomplishments of Other Engine Projects Funded in Part by the Department of Energy

3-4   Major 21CTP-Related Projects Addressing Advanced Combustion Fundamentals

3-5   Engines Under Development by the Environmental Protection Agency for Series Hydraulic Hybrid Trucks

3-6   EPA’s Homogeneous-Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Engine Features for a Series Hydraulic Hybrid Demonstrator Shuttle Bus

3-7   High Power Density–Low Heat Rejection Program Targets of the Tank-Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center

3-8   Adaptation of Commercial Engines for Military Use

3-9   Army Broad Agency Announcements (2010-2013): Summary of Three Programs for Powertrain Technology Development

3-10  Major 21CTP-Related Projects Funded in FY 2010 Addressing Advanced Petroleum-Based Fuels and Non-Petroleum- Based Fuels

3-11  Department of Energy 21CTP Supported Aftertreatment Research Programs

3-12  Projects Attributed to Health Effects Studies Receiving Funding from the Department of Energy as Part of 21CTP

4-1   Hybrid Vehicle Architectures, Their Status as of 2009, and Primary Applications

4-2   Heavy-Duty Hybrid Funding for FY2007-FY2010

4-3   Electric-Vehicle Battery Materials, Production, and Recycling Capabilities Being Developed by 12 Domestic Manufacturers, with Amount of Department of Energy Funding

4-4   Nine Domestic Manufacturing Facilities for Battery Cell Production and Pack Assembly and Amount of Total Investment

4-5   Fuel Economy Improvements for Parallel and Series Hydraulic Hybrid Trucks

4-6   Maximum Incremental Cost of a Hybrid Truck Qualifying for a Tax Credit

4-7   Hybrid Truck Tax Credit as a Function of Fuel Economy

4-8   Hybrid Trucks—Break-even Cost Analysis (Future 2015-2020 Technology)

5-1   Heavy-Duty Truck Power Consumption (each hour)

6-1   Comparison of Attributes of Idle Reduction Systems

6-2   Status of Navistar Auxiliary Power Unit System Versus Program Goals

6-3   Comparison of Fuel Consumption Rates for Various Types of Idle Operation

6-4   Cab Comfort Technology Summary

8-1   Comparison of SuperTruck Projects and Technologies to Be Explored by Each of Three Teams

9-1   Maximum Truck Size and Weight Limits for 13 of 20 States Subject to the ISTEA Freeze

9-2   Summary of Fuel Saving Opportunities

E-1   Available Models of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Hybrid Vehicles and Electric Trucks

F-1   Proposed Drive-Cycle Weightings (percent) for Hybrid Vehicles Without Power Take-off

G-1   History of Heavy-Duty Truck Aerodynamic and Tire Rolling Resistance Coefficients

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