TABLE 2-1 Summary of metrics from the DoD Metrics Report

CTR Program

What metrics are intended to measure


Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP)

1. Secure and consolidate collections of especially dangerous pathogens (EDP) and their associated research at a minimum number of secure health and agricultural laboratories or related facilities.

2. Enhance partner country/region’s capability to prevent the sale, theft, diversion, or accidental release of biological weapons (BW)-related materials, technology, and expertise by improving biological safety and security (BS&S) standards and procedures.

3. Enhance partner country/region’s capability to detect, diagnose, and report endemic and epidemic, man-made or natural EDPs, bio-terror attacks, and potential pandemics.

4. Ensure the developed capabilities are designed to be sustainable within each partner country/region’s current operating budget.

5. Facilitate the engagement of partner country’s/regional scientific and technical personnel in research areas of interest to both the partner country/region and the United States.

6. Eliminate any BW-related infrastructure and technologies encountered in a partner/country region.

Examples of measures of effectivenessa

Partner country EDP collections and associated research are consolidated into a minimum number of locations.

Partner country EDPs and associated research are secured in a manner consistent with standards.

Partner country has BS&S laws and regulations governing work with EDPs.

Partner country disease detection and diagnosis capability meets U.S. and/or international guidelines for biosafety.

Partner country has preparedness and response plans.

Partner country disease surveillance system is capable of detecting and reporting suspect EDP cases to those responsible for human and animal health.

Chemical Weapons Elimination Program (CWE)

Destruction of agent through the Russian Federation’s safe, efficient operation of the destruction facility

Quantity of CW agent destroyed Number of munitions destroyed Project Metrics

Scheduled facility downtime

Unscheduled facility downtime

Facility achieved availability

Nuclear Weapons Safety and Security (NWSS) supports Nuclear Weapons Transport Security Program

1. Performance/capability assurance

2. Configuration management

3. Procedures and process

4. Training

5. Organization and personnel

6. Life-cycle management

7. Maintenance

8. Logistics

Examples of metrics

Number of nuclear weapons storage sites upgraded

Number of personnel trained

Establishment of regional technical centers

Note: Some metrics still under development

Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation Prevention Program (WMD-PPP)

1. Enhance partner country capability to perform effective risk management

2. Enhance partner country capability to perform border security command, control, communications and computers

3. Enhance partner country capability to perform border security surveillance

4. Enhance partner country capability to perform WMD detection

5. Enhance partner country capability to perform border security interdiction

6. Assist partner country with the development of a sustainment budget for all systems delivered under this program

7. Enhance partner country capability to support and maintain delivered equipment and/or systems

8. Enhance partner country capability to sustain delivered training

9. Enhance a partner country capability to capture and disseminate information including that concerning WMD incidents

10. Increase the awareness of partner countries as to their critical role in WMD non-proliferation (partner country buy-in)

11. Develop interagency, bilateral, regional, and multilateral cooperation

Examples of metrics

Miles of green (land) / blue (maritime) border with added security

Number of ports of entry enhanced

Number of border facilities (land and maritime) provided increased capability to detect WMD

Number of personnel trained and equipped to perform border security interdiction

Initial and refresher training system exists

Number of personnel exchanges (training, professional development)

Mean time to negotiate agreements

Number of regional relationships facilitated

a The terms “goal,” “objective,” “indicator,” “attribute,” and “metric” are used inconsistently among the different program descriptions in the DoD Metrics Report. CBEP uses the term “measure of effectiveness” to describe what is being measured and the term “indicator” to denote how it is being measured (i.e., what is being counted).

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