Chinese Food Regulatory System

Authority Person(s) Responsible Internal Departments Functions
The Food Safety Committee of the State Council Director
Deputy Director
Committee Members: 21 department managers

• Analyze food safety situation, study, deploy, arrange, and guide food safety work

• Put forward major policies and measures on the supervision of food safety

• Supervise the implementation of food safety supervision obligations

The Food Safety Committee Office of the State Council Director:
Deputy Director
12 department & bureau leaders
Department of General Affairs, Department of Coordination & Guidance, Department of Supervision & Inspection, Department of Emergency Management

• Organize the implementation of the State Council’s policies on food safety work, organize the launching of the investigation and study on important food safety problems, and put forward policy suggestions

• Organize the drafting of the national food safety plan, and coordinate and prompt its implementation

• Undertake the comprehensive coordination tasks as designated by the Food Safety Commission of the State Council, prompt the perfection of the coordination linkage mechanism, improve the comprehensive supervision mechanism, and direct local comprehensive food safety coordination institutes in implementing related works

• Urge the examination of the implementation conditions of food safety laws and regulations and the decisions and deployments of the Food Safety Commission of State Council

• Urge the examination of related departments of the State Council and the provincial level of the People’s Government’s fulfillment of food safety supervision obligations, and be responsible for assessment and evaluation

• Direct the improvement of the inspection and governance mechanism for potential hazards in food safety, and organize the implementation of food safety regulations, governance, and joint inspection actions

• Prompt the development of food safety emergency systems and capabilities, organize the drafting of national food safety accident emergency pre-planning, and supervise, direct, and coordinate the major food safety accident handling and accountability investigation and handling work

• Regulate and direct food safety information work, organize and coordinate food safety publicity and training work, launch international communications and cooperation in terms of food safety

• Undertake meetings, messages, and other daily tasks of the Food Safety Commission of the State Council; undertake other tasks as designated by the Food Safety Commission of the State Council.

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