will take to revise its current practices to further cooperation with other Federal and non-Federal governmental agencies, the public, and non-profit and private entities in fulfilling the agency’s core mission activities. The specific details should include proposed changes to internal management and administrative policies to improve collaboration.

i.      The Plan should include proposals to use technology platforms to improve collaboration among people within and outside your agency.

ii.     The Plan should include descriptions of and links to appropriate websites where the public can learn about existing collaboration efforts of your agency.

iii.    The Plan should include innovative methods, such as prizes and competitions, to obtain ideas from and to increase collaboration with those in the private sector, non-profit, and academic communities.

d. Flagship Initiative: Each agency’s Open Government Plan should describe at least one specific, new transparency, participation, or collaboration initiative that your agency is currently implementing (or that will be implemented before the next update of the Open Government Plan). That description should include:

i.      An overview of the initiative, how it addresses one or more of the three openness principles, and how it aims to improve agency operations;

ii.     An explanation of how your agency engages or plans to engage the public and maintain dialogue with interested parties who could contribute innovative ideas to the initiative;

iii.     If appropriate, identification of any partners external to your agency with whom you directly collaborate on the initiative;

iv.    An account of how your agency plans to measure improved transparency, participation and/or collaboration through this initiative; and

v.     An explanation of the steps your agency is taking to make the initiative sustainable and allow for continued improvement.

e. Public and Agency Involvement: Your agency’s Open Government Plan should include, but not be limited to, the requirements set forth in this

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