For nearly three decades, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has funded the American Chemical Society Division of Nuclear Chemistry and Technologies (DNCT) Summer Schools in Nuclear and Radiochemistry, first started at San José State University (SJSU) in 1984 with a second one added at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in 1989 (Clark, 2005; Kinard and Silber, 2005; Peterson, 1997;). The driver for creating the summer schools arose in the late 1970s from concerns about the declining graduate student and faculty population in nuclear chemistry. Initial funding levels were enough to cover student housing and travel, staff and teaching assistant salaries, and some modest costs for guest speakers. Today, funding also covers some student stipends, which is necessary to keep the summer schools competitive with other, more recent summer programs. However, many individuals, including staff and guest speakers, still donate many hours of time and effort to hold the summer schools each year.

Frank Kinard, College of Charleston, provided the committee with an overview of the summer schools. At each location, the summer school is a 6-week intensive program, limited to 12 U.S. citizen undergraduate students (mainly, but not limited to, chemistry majors). Between 1984 and 2010, there have been 577 graduates of the program (321 at SJSU and 256 at BNL). The coursework includes both lectures and laboratory work, and covers fundamental aspects of nuclear and radiochemistry as well as applications such as in medicine, forensics, or environmental management. In 2010, Kinard conducted an extensive survey of SJSU summer school graduates (1997-2010; shown below), in which he determined that 100 graduates out of 167 total when on to attend graduate school. He also found that 35 out of those attending graduate school were in nuclear and radiochemistry fields (Frank Kinard, College of Charleston, personal communication, November 9, 2011). Further information about graduate schools attended is listed below.

Graduate School Choices of SJSU Students (1997-2010)

Graduate School Total
Nuclear Focus
Berkeley 11 7
Washington State University 8 6
Michigan State 6 6
Texas A&M University 5 5
Washington University, St. Louis 5 1
Missouri 3 3
Wisconsin 3 1
Maryland 2 2
Nevada, Las Vegas 2 2
Chicago 2 1
North Carolina State University 2 1
SUNY - Stony Brook 2 1

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