potentially contaminated. This is why the biological indicator is placed in “dummy” bags to mimic the contents of the biohazard bag.

p. 2-12, line 26: “A Class III BSC, is illustrated in Figure 2-4.”

Figure 2-4 is a centrifuge; a Class III BSC is not shown. This figure is also referred to (appropriately) in the next section on centrifuges. The figure should be moved and a picture of a Class III BSC added at Figure 2-4.

P.2-14, line 10: “Ultra-low temperature freezers (Figure 2-5) provide long-term protection and storage for valuable samples of biohazardous materials.”

An important feature (not mentioned in the draft report) is that such storage freezers need to be equipped with locks for biosecurity.

p. 2-16, line 29: “The IBC coordinates its application procedures with two other offices, Research Occupational Health Program (ROHP), to ensure that research personnel have adequate occupational health monitoring, training on safe work practices, exposure control emergencies, and use of PPE.”

What is the second office? Only ROHP is listed.

p. 2-17, line 12: Standard Operating Procedures and Training

Generic question: Who reviews/approves SOPs?

p. 2-19, line 15: “Such materials are biological samples needing further analysis…”

What is the SOP for removing samples “for further analysis”? Where will that be done? Will they be irradiated? It would be helpful to describe this.

Appendix A

p. A-6, lines 4-8: Several of the items referenced are not “codes,” but “guidelines” based on best practices and principles of biocontainment.

p. A-10, line 18: “… (e.g., an escape bottle air apparatus).”

Please describe.

p. A-18, line 8: “Work being performed within high-level biocontainment areas will be monitored by systems to ensure that at least two authorized persons are in each area at all times to ensure safety and minimize risk of an individual initiating a malevolent or unauthorized act.”

Excellent procedure.

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